Slimline Notebook Barbecue (Charcoal BBQ)

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Slimline notebook BBQ


Notebook Grill

Slimline Portable Notebook BBQ

The slimline notebook BBQ has a unique folding mechanism that allows it to collapse almost completely flat! (well – under 2 inches thickness).

It can be set up and ready for action in less than a minute, and after a quick wash is just as easy to fold away. The BBQ has a large single cooking area – we found it plenty of space to get a grill on for 4 people.


Portability and Storage

Handle holes in the top of the frame allow the notebook BBQ to be carried briefcase style. The grills and other bits are stored inside.
It can easily be stored in the boot of the car, and in my car it will fit ontop of the spare wheel under the carpeted panel. Nice.



The whole thing is fairly robust and generally sturdy. The frame is made out of powder coated steel.

My only complaint might be that the power coating does chip and therefor will not last forever. After just a few uses there are chips on the legs, but I did bang mine about a fair bit.


Charcoal is supported by a rack that drops into the base of the frame. This works better with briquettes than loose charcoal as small charcoal pieces will fall through the relatively large holes.

Although the mechanism is pretty smooth, you might need to give the BBQ a good wash before you fold it away to make sure everything doesnt get bunged up.



Great design and decent price.
Can’t fault it for size and packability in a full car off to the beach or going camping. If you need something slim that folds to only a couple of inches thick then this is the one!


Our Rating

Build Quality



Best online price including postage – Amazon


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      Can you call me with a price for 350 of this Slimline Notebook Barbecue (Charcoal BBQ)

      0141 427 7272

      Much appreciated

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