O Grill Portable BBQ by Marco Pierre White (Gas BBQ)

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Marco Pierre White - O Grill BBQ

The Marco Pierre White O Grill BBQ

I’m not sure I like Marco Pierre White. He always seems like a properly grumpy so and so when I see him on TV. Apparently he reduced gordon Ramsey to tears once though, which I do kinda of admire. I don’t think I could ever find it in myself to make Gordon cry, so well done for that at least Marco 🙂


I don’t know much about how product sponsorship works either, and so I don’t really know how much Marco will have been involved in the production of his ‘highly portable BBQ Grill’, other than to put a grumpy picture on the box. I can’t find any reference to him ever using one of these ‘Jamie Oliver style’ on his show, but then again Marcos show is different to Jamie’s. Who knows.


Overall though the grill is quite impressive. It is a truly portable BBQ – in that it is designed to be portable. It can be folded up minutes after use, and put inside the waterproof / greaseproof carry bag (available separately of course). It weighs in at 11KG, the legs retract and fold flat against the base, and the handles lock together. It kind of reminds me of a Dyson vacuum. Maybe its the orange (although it is available in other colours – purple, blue & green, orange is always cheaper for some reason), or maybe it just the hyper modern look. It is pretty trendy / stylish, and the bright colours will appeal to most people.


Ideal for camping, caravanning, picnics or a family day out to the beach or park.


O Dock stand


The O Grill has a unique feature that allows instant connection to most portable and disposable propane gas canisters – and it will run for 4 hours on the smaller ones. It has a built in regulator which is nice, as many portable gas BBQ’s require one to be bought separately. The steel body is very strong and has a heat resistant coating – there is an integrated grease pan to catch any drips and help with easier cleaning, and this can be removed easily and drained.. The grill plate is porcelain enamelled over steels and clips securely into place. The cooking area is a huge 1450cm2. Push button piezo ignition gets the stainless steel burner going, and the instructions state that you can go from folded up and packed away to cooking within 10 seconds. There’s also a build in storage box underneath.Just big enough for some cutlery and matches etc.. but handy none the less.


Removable drip tray

Retractable legs

10500 BTU stainless steel tubular burner

Push button ignition
Weight only 11kgs.

Compact design for easy storage

Ergonomic handle for one hand portability

Large, efficient cooking grid

Easy to clean – removable grease tray

Sets up in 10 seconds

Uses standard propane cylinders

Hose and connector allowing connection to full size cylinder (optional accessory)

Comes with its own multi tool for servicing



Overall the Marco Pierre White O-Dock BBQ Grill is pretty good. My only niggle might be that it seems to be a little on the expensive side. If you have the pennies to spend though the O Dock is one of the best made BBQ’s I have seen and will last many summers. At the moment Amazon have the O Grill rduced by £20!



Optional Extras

The O-Grill has a few extras that can be bought separately.

There is a grease and water proof O-Bag, basically a storage and carry case for you O Grill


There is also a table / stand for the O Grill called the O-Dock – which is a foldable platform that the O Grill legs slot nicely into.

The O-Dock costs around £50 – to see the latest price on Amazon.co.uk Click Here



Our Rating

Build Quality



Best online price including postage – Amazon


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