Grilletto – Son of Hibachi (Charcoal BBQ)

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Grilletto - Son of Hibatchi

Son of Hibachi

Definitely one of the most impressive portable charcoal BBQ’s I have seen! The ‘Son of Hibachi’ is so well designed with lots of cool features.



This BBQ has a very unique way of lighting the charcoal – the two sides of the grill fold up with the charcoal trapped behind the grill plates inside (see pic 2 above). Firelighters go in the ‘ash tray’ at the bottom – which you can slide open by means of a handle (you can see this handle in the 3rd pic above). This setup creates a chimney effect, drawing air in the bottom vent and out of the top.


If you look inside from the top you can see you are getting about 1 foot of flame of your firelighters in the base which heat the charcoal and sometimes lick out of the top vent! All this means your charcoal is ready in double quick time, and you actually use about half the amount of firelighters as you would normally.. genius! It actually works as well!


The manufacturers claim you can go from cold to BBQing in 8 minutes – In reality we usually wait a bit longer.. but it certainly is quick to light.



When its ready, simply fold down the stainless steel legs, remove the top vent cover with the cary handle. Fold down the two sides and you’re ready to go! This gives you "170 square inches of cooking space" it is claimed, which is a little bigger than 2x standard disposables. Not massive, but definitely enough to cook for 4 people.


The carry handle on the top of the unit also has another function. When the BBQ is open and you are cooking the handle doubles as a tool that attaches to the grill plates in order to adjust their height and change the cooking temperature.


Instant portability?

When you’re done cooking simply fold up the Son of Hibatchi and all the ash will drop into the ash tray at the bottom, which can be removed and emptied.


You can then just pack the Son of Hibachi up straight away – while its hot!


The ‘snuff out pouch’ is made of fireproof material (the same stuff fireman’s jackets are made from). The pouch is actually design for the BBQ to go inside whilst it is still red hot! Just drop the BBQ inside and you are good to go. The pouch also has a pocket on the from where you can keep some matches and other bit and bobs you might need. A box of firelighters will just about fit.


Charcoal Saving

Being airtight the pouch slowly ‘snuffs out’ any charcoal that is still burning inside. This charcoal can then be reused next time. Just give the BBQ a shake whist it is still closed and any ash will fall into the ash tray and the remaining charcoal can be used again.


Self Cleaning

Grilletto also claim that the Son of Hibachi is "self cleaning". It is to some extent – the idea being that when you fold it up the hot coals burn any residue and scraps off the grills. It does do that, but if you like to cook on a completely clean surface then they will still need a wash or at least a wipe before you use


Other features:

The double grills have four different height setting to adjust the heat from the coals.

Legs double up as carry handles and do not get hot (they will not scorch grass or damage a wooden table)

The BBQ can be used as an oven by filling only 1 side of the grill with charcoal. Potatoes in foil etc and then be placed in the other side and the closed unit will cook them to a treat!

Can also be used as a camping heater. If you’ve finished you BBQ and its getting a bit chilly close up the Son of Hibachi and use it as a heater. The cast iron body radiates lots of heat. Drop a few coals in the top now and again to keep it going. (DO NOT DO THIS INSIDE A TENT – carbon monoxide can kill!)


Grilletto Son of Hibachi Video

Apologies for this rather old video 🙂


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    1. SOH
      Posted June 5, 2011 at 3:51 pm | Permalink

      I’ve been using it for the lat 4 years. Great little barbecue. Really easy to put in pouch and then in back of car when ready to go. I also use it at home if we are just cooking for the family.
      Took a little while to work out best way to use it. Use lumpwood charcoal, and you really have to pack the two sides. Then light, leave for 20-30 mins and you are ready to go

    2. Angela Squire
      Posted May 7, 2016 at 7:36 pm | Permalink

      Shame you can’t get a new pouch. Our pouches always seem to wear our quicker than the bbq 🙁

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