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So why setup a web site about portable BBQ’s? Well, as a massive BBQ animal I have always had a great garden BBQ set up at home. When I’m out and about I always used to keep a disposable foil barbeque in the boot of my car – just in case the sun came out long enough! Don’t get me wrong, disposables are ok, nice and portable, and its great they are so readily available now, but they have also let me down on more that a few occasions. They are kind of small, they never last long enough to have a leisurely meal, and sometimes you get a completely duff one that won’t light at all. In my frustration I have searched high and low for a better alternative.


A couple of years ago I went on a quest to find the best portable charcoal BBQ, and best portable gas BBQ money can buy. I have now tested many portable BBQ’s and I am happy to say that I will ever again scorch the grass at my local park again. I am a complete convert, and will never buy a disposable again. Now I am writing reviews of every portable BBQ I have tried (or at least seen in action) and this web site is where you will find them. Click on the links in the left hand navigation bar to read my portable BBQ reviews, see my recommendation, or shop online for a portable BBQ grill by choosing price, features, or size.


I don’t sell any BBQ’s on this web site, but I do provide links to the best places to buy online. Where ever possible I will find the cheapest price available so you can save money as well.


So which Portable BBQ is best?

It really depends what kind of portable BBQ you are looking for – gas, charcoal, wood burning etc? Also how portable does it need to be – will you be carrying it, or will it just go in the car? To narrow the search for your perfect portable BBQ use the buttons on the left hand side of this page. They allow you to search by price and features.


BBQ Reviews

I’ve done my best to review each BBQ fairly, and made notes each time Ive used a BBQ. I have given each BBQ I have reviewed a star rating for ‘Portability’, ‘Build Quality’, ‘Features’, ‘Value’ and an ‘Overall Rating’. Some BBQ reviews are long, some are short.. just depends on how many beers I’d had on the day etc. :o)


Ok, so people still keep asking "which one do you use..?" Well, right now I am using my Grilletto "Son of Hibachi" charcoal portable BBQ (pictured right). I’m a big fan of charcoal BBQ’s and the Griletto really is amarvelous contraption. The sides fold up to form a chimney for easy lighting of the charcoal, and it comes with a fireproof ‘snuff out pouch’ which means you can pack it away (even when it it red hot) and put it safely in the boot of your car. You can read the full review here – Son of Hibachi BBQ review. While the Grilletto is good it might not be the best choice for everyone (although well made, it is failry pricy). I will be adding new BBQ reviews here all the time – so check back soon!


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Charcoal BBQ

Portable charcoal grills
Get that delicious smoked
BBQ flavour

Portable Charcoal BBQ


Portable Gas BBQ’s
Instant, controllable heat
with minimum mess.

Portable Gas BBQ


A selection of our favourite BBQ Accessories. Some fun, some useful – all good gifts!

BBQ Accessories


BBQ Cookbooks. Some great BBQ recipes! Make the perfect marinade, sauce or dip.

BBQ Cookbooks


BBQ Accessories

Ok, so you’ve chosen a portable BBQ and you love it, so now you’ll need some toys!

Here are a few of my favourite BBQ accessories. Some are fun and some just plain useful!

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Exciting recipes for your new BBQ?

Eager to try your new portable BBQ out and want to impress you friends? No problem! We have a selection of gorgeous Barbeque Recipes for you to try. We will add more recipes each week so keep checking back

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BBQ tips and tricks

A great selection of tips and tricks from us and our readers. Some serving idea, plus tips for cooking in different places and situations, BBQ maintenance and all sorts of other random BBQ chat!

BBQ tips and tricks click here


Best Selling Kitchen Accessories

If you’ve bought a top quality portable BBQ your going to want the best kitchen gadgets to compliment it. Check out our Kitchen Accessories page for our reviews and recommendations off what’s new to buy online.


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Tala Potato Ricer
Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine
Tefal ActiFry 1 Teaspoon Fat Fryer
Tefal ActiFry 1 Teaspoon
Fat Fryer

Tefal Toast 'n' Egg Toaster and Egg Maker
Tefal Toast ‘n’ Egg Toaster and Egg Maker
AnySharp Global Knife Sharpener
AnySharp Global Knife Sharpener
Philips Imageo LED Rechargeable Candles
Philips Imageo LED Rechargeable Candles
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